Top 10 Skydiving Destinations In Canada And U.S

Every year, thousands of people of all ages take part in the exciting sport of sky diving. Some skydive for the fun and excitement, and others do it for professional competition. There are a number of places in the United States and Canada that offer skydiving. Below you will find the top 10 skydiving destinations in Canada and the States:


1. Whistler, British Columbia: British Columbia, Canada is not only a beautiful province where there is much to see and do, but it is also home to a great place to skydive. Only a 90 minute drive from Vancouver, BC, Whistler is a popular place for sport enthusiasts. For skydivers, there is a 10, 500 ft freefall which is one of the most exciting 45 seconds. As you free fall, you will enjoy spectacular views of Mount Curries, Blackcomb, and Whistler. Other exciting sports in Whistler include: ziplining, skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding, and bungee jumping.

2. Niagara, Ontario: The Niagara Skydive Centre in Niagara, Ontario, is a fantastic place to skydive. It is located 45 minutes from Niagara Falls and New York State. You will have almost 4 minutes of viewing time traveling at 190 kilometres per hour.

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3. Gananoque, Ontario: As the entryway to the gorgeous St. Lawrence Seaway and 1,000 Islands, you will freefall from no less than 9,000 feet and view the impressive St. Lawrence and the beautiful farmland.

4. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia is world renowned for its beautiful scenery and welcoming people. In Annapolis Valley, you can enjoy exciting skydiving from 3000 feet and take in such views as the gorgeous Bay of Fundy. It is not far from Halifax. Annapolis is Nova Scotia’s wine and agricultural centre.

United States

Wailua, Hawaii: When skydiving from 13,000 feet, you can view such awe inspiring views as Diamond Head, island of Oahu, Pearl Harbour, and Kaena Point. The view of these magnificent Pacific Islands is absolutely incredible.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado: Colorado is an absolutely beautiful state. When skydiving you will view the entire Rocky Mountain range including the fabulous Longs Peak.

Zion National Park, Utah: Skydiving over the Zion National Park in Utah is an incredible experience. You will view the Kolob Terrace, Burnt Mountain, the East and West Temples, and the Left and Right Forks of the North Creek.

Monterey Bay, California: Soaring over the beaches of California is an amazing experience. You will be able to view Salinas Valley, Monterey Bay, and the Santa Cruz area. The view is fantastic.

Newport, Rhode Island: Skydiving above the beautiful beach town of Newport Rhode Island offers stunning views of the sailboats, stunning mansions, rugged coastline of Narragansett Bay, and the amazing ocean waves.

Wasilla, Alaska: Now famous for being the place where Sarah Palin began her political career. Skydiving in Wasilla Alaska offers such fabulous views from 14 000 feet as glacier and green valley lakes and mountains. Wasilla is located 72km north of Anchorage.

Throughout the world, people enjoy the exciting sport of skydiving. Visiting the above skydiving hot spots is must for every skydiving enthusiast.

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