Most Popular Holiday Island in The Mediterranean

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean, and it is dominated by the two mountain ranges of the Troodos Mountains and the smaller Kyrenia Range. The coastline is an eye-catching combination of sandy beaches, sheltered and in many cases with unreachable coves and rocky cliffs. With its enormous central plains, citrus orchards and majestic mountains, Cyprus enjoys a year round lukewarm climate – which makes it perfect for an unforgettable holiday at any time of the year.

Having your holiday in Cyprus will symbolize the best of everything. You can count on the best accommodation with an abundance of Cyprus villas to choose from, outstanding cooking right through to family entertainment and adventure. There are lots to enjoy in Cyprus, especially the waves for the surf fanatics. Cyprus is a perfect location for canoeing or sea kayaking with its sea caves, stacks, surf and small offshore islands. You can book sea kayak trips for some thrilling tours around the island’s shoreline. Or you can hire canoes and discover the amazing coastal scenery with family and friends from the many places available. With many exhilarating features of the Cyprus coast reachable only by kayak, this is definitely a way to enjoy views not visible anywhere from the island.

It is not only the sailors, but also the climbing experts that will be spoiled for choice on Cyprus. Regardless from whether you are new to rock climbing or more skilled, there are some excellent climbing opportunities across a wide range of climbing skill levels. The landscapes around Cyprus is amazing, and rock climbers therefore love the opportunity to enjoy it from high up on the cliffs. There are also trips that can be organized by local guides and climbing groups and this will help a lot with all the planning and also safety.

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Mountain biking lovers also enjoys the possibilities that the island of Cyprus as to offer them. There are many guided tours through the mountains and over the central plains that come highly recommended. Together with this are some thrilling downhill runs, and some stirring trials for the more laid back cyclists. The coastline is also very popular for mountain biking among holidaymakers. Travelling by bicycle on Cyprus island will give you the chance to enjoy a part of the island that you will not otherwise experience, as it makes you so much more flexible. But you should know that winter breaks can also be spent on the island of Cyprus. During the January through to March are covered in an average of two meters snow despite the warm Mediterranean climate during the rest of the year. With downhill skiing, snow boarding and cross country tracks available; Cyprus can be an enjoyable winter holiday destination.

During the winter months the temperatures is fairly mild in the coastal regions, and this enables you to ski and enjoy the beach at the same time.

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